How to Enjoy Free Hosting from Byet Hosting

Do you really want to use Byet hosting service?


Free hosting is what most of us consider when we are just starting out as a Blogger. I know nowadays. Almost everyone wants to be a blogger. Those that do not want to blog want to do one thing or the other online. The hindrance we have at times is that we find it difficult to cough out the money. Some of us are afraid that we will never be successful online. We are looking for a safer way to start.

How to Enjoy Free Hosting from Byet Hosting

I know how difficult it can be. I have had to sacrifice a lot because of my blog. It is not really easy coughing out money to pay for data domain and the rest that blogging involves. That is why free hosting at times is advisable but if you ask me, I will tell you it is not the best idea for you.


If you are using free hosting like byte host or blogger. You are more of a slave tied to his master. They can take a drastic decision without even hearing you out. The other day, I read that Blogger flagged down some blogs that are linked to ISIS. That is the kind of access that such companies have over you if you decide to use a subdomain.

I am actually writing this article because of my students and free that demands for it. I will not advise anyone to see this as the ultimate solution to hosting fee.

Nevertheless, one of the problems with free hosting is that your domain name will be very difficult to commit to memory. How will I expect someone to remember www.crmnigeria.bytehost12com ? Do you see how difficult it can be? Without wasting much time. Let me go to what I want to discuss in this article.

Now to business…

The first thing to do is to check Google and search for Free Byte Hosting

How to Enjoy Free Hosting from Byet Hosting 3

Alternatively, you can click Here

Once the site opens, click on Free Hosting and sign up for free hosting.

Byet hosting

You need to note that when you are using Byte hosting, you are just using a subdomain, it’s just like blogger but the only difference here is that you can actually make use of WordPress and upload kinds of stuff to your server. This makes ranking and other parameters as easy as ABC.

After you have clicked to sign up for free hosting, you will have to fill a form where you will enter your subdomain name. Just like the name of your blog. I can boldly say that your subdomain name, should be your keyword.

You also need to look at the form very well. There is some kind of sites that are not allowed to be on their server. Be warned accordingly.

How to Enjoy Free Hosting from Byet Hosting 4

After you might have signed up, they will send login details to the email you have entered while registering. You might have to check your spam folder for the email. Do not forget to confirm that it is not a spam.

This will allow subsequent email to enter into your inbox directly.

After you might have clicked on the link, your cpanel will be generated just like the one generated below.

byet hosting

Now, I am ready to install WordPress on my new cpanel.


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Now your take on this argument.

We would also like to hear what you feel about the topic we discussed today. Your feedback is very important to us. Feel free to drop your comments and recommendations. If you have a contrary opinion, you can drop that too.


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