Four marketing strategies for Lead conversion

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Here are the four marketing strategies for lead conversion…..

In my previous article on strategies for Lead generation and conversion, I have talked about some of the ways that you can turn potential Leads to customers. In this article, I want to talk about four more marketing strategies for generating lead conversion in an organisation.

#1 Satisfy all needs
I want to believe that the concept of “Customer is King” is not strange to you. If you really want to convert Lead to customer and customers to Advocates.  In order to have appropriate lead conversion strategy, you have to ensure that you do not go to sleep unless customers’ issues are resolved. You should not treat customers as if you are doing them a favour. This will go a long way in building a loyal customer base for your enterprise.

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#2 Build relationship
As an E-Business person, I have this understanding that there are two ways that an organization can operate. They can either be customer centered or product entered. In order to gain more customers through existing customers, you need to make sure that you build relationship with your customers. You have to find out what is it that customers are looking for in your products or services and give it to them.

#3 Call to action
One thing I have come to realize is that if you don’t ask your customers for favour, you are not likely to get any. You can make use of Call-to-Action to anticipate reaction from your customers. You can ask them to share link on social media or refer their friends. They can also be asked to comment on articles that you have posted. All this can increase their interest in your products or services.

#4 Power of  analytics
One thing you need to know  when carrying out lead conversion is that there is a need for you to analyze what you are doing in order to take corrective actions. You can make use of Google Analytics or HootSuite Pro in order to analyze the traffic coming to your site. It will help you to know the number of unique visitors that you are having on daily or weekly basis. You will know where they are coming from as well as what they are accessing on your site. If you are running Social media adverts for your site. You will know which one of them is yielding the desired result and the one that you need to stop completely.


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