Four internet marketing medium in Digital marketing

In this article, I want to look at the four internet marketing medium in Digital Marketing. Follow me as we look at this together.



#1 Search engine advertising
I once saw a comment on Nairaland that shows that use of Search Engine has now become part of us. The Person was saying if Google goes down, someone will use Google search to ask Google why Google was not working. So also, Search Engine has become so relevant that we always feel Google that happens to be the father of all Search Engines must always have the answer.

 internet marketing medium

Due to the relevancy of Search engines, Appearing the first page has always been the headache of content writers, that is why many organisations are always ready to pay to appear on Search Engines first page . There is always a bid process that take place for those that advertise on Search Engines. It is now left for the highest bidder to take the slot. This is always done based on Pay Per Click basis.



#2 Social media advertising 
Social media advertising is another big plus in internet marketing medium that has also  become part of our lives. It is also a platform where people interacts and share their opinions. Platform such as Twitter and Facebook are used to advertise products and services . We can talk of Facebook page and Twitter Feeds where one can promote his products and services. Some organisations have also used this platform to create brand awareness and promote their products and services as well.



#3 Mobile advertising
This is another internet marketing medium that is been carried out through the use of mobile devices. Some organisation do go to Telecom Operators to buy numbers or send unsolicited text messages to Subscribers so as to promote their products and services. This leverage on the power of Telecommunication and the internet in order to reach the right audience. It is just that most of this messages always ended up in trash can because appropriate research are not been done before they were been sent out.



#4 Viral advertising
Viral marketing refers to a marketing that uses pre existing social networks to increase brand awareness, through a self replicating viral process.This is a kind of internet marketing medium  that is capable of displaying unsolicited adverts on your system without you asking for it. They just pop up on your system just because you do not have anti virus to stop them. This viral replication show adverts that you do not want. Whether you like it or not, you are getting to know those organisations.



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