Four major use of Analytics in CRM

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Lets quickly talk about analytics in CRM…. 



This article explains some of the areas that analytical CRM can be applied in a customer centric enterprise. Follow me as we look at some of this together. You are also free to add your own to the list as well.

#1 Customer analytics as part of analytics in CRM
There is the need for you to do analytics of your customers. When you analyse your customers, you will know the patterns that your customers have in common. You will also know some of the indices that motivates your customers to buy. This will help you to know what you need to do in order to raise exit barrier for customers.



#2 Marketing analytics as part of analytics in CRM
Marketing is another aspect that you can analyse in a customer centric enterprise. When you analyse your marketing strategy, you will be able to know what works and what is not working in terms of campaign strategies. This will help organisations to reuse campaigns that works and jettison campaign strategies that are not working.

#3 Service analytics as part of analytics in CRM

Under service analytics, we are trying to analyse our customer service department. We want to know how many customers are using our customer service centres. We will also be able to know if we need to open more contact centres in order to meet customers needs. This will help to know what we need to improve upon in order to increase customer retention.

#4 Web analytics as part of analytics in CRM

Like the concept of Conversion rate. web analytics helps organisation to analyse their web interaction with customers. They will be able to know the total number of customers that are visiting their website as well as the rate at which they are converting those visitors to customers.


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