FOUR (4) METHODS TO EARN MONEY ONLINE | Fast Ways You Can Earn Money on Internet

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When they ask you about making money for internet which is the first thing that you comes to mind ?

 Selling illegal products or maybe you think about that you should be the next web page popular as netflix well let me tell you that all these myths are bullshit.

Today I want to teach you the 4 more methods profitable to earn money online and the last method is the most profitable of everyone so stay until the end
To earn money online, first idea that I present to you is

1. Amazon
2. Amazon Kindle
4. YouTube Channel


Although Jeff Bezos the president of amazon started was selling books at the start, amazon now sell anything you can imagine however it’s not just a site to buy clothes or cell phones you can earn a lot of money with amazon at today, and today I will tell you 3 that are which many people are applying: the first way is in amazon mechanical turk. this web platform is similar to a freelance page like work and ao fiber is a place where companies outsource work that’s too much difficult for a computer program how to edit and transcribe audio translate audio and video of different languages test web pages write reviews and many other services you can earn as much as $ 20 30 dollars an hour working on some different tasks this is one way legitimate to make money and if you pay 100% checked however it is considered an active income and not passive .

the second method to make money online  is

2. Amazon kindle 

Amazon kindle is a website where hundreds of novices and professionals publish their digital books for money. Friend , most likely if you see this article at you have never written a book really don’t interest you but honestly if you spend your time to write one .. even if it’s a short one, very short and you publish it on this website, you I assure you will literally earn money sleeping. You will see every time it is bought an electronic book from AMAZON KINDLE … Amazon and the publisher (you mean in this case), they win money. I advise you if you can’t or not you want to write the book yourself hire someone to do it write for you. Although the best is what it’s original right? So if you’re really interested in publishing on amazon kindle I recommend that you investigate more about this theme. You can find free video on youtube that will teach you the basics. Some people in the world only a few few earn more than $ 100,000 publishing electronic books it’s definitely a market for study.. and the 3rd way is: The program amazon associates. This is one way very popular and easy to earn income passive. All you have to do is subscribe to the associate program of Amazon, which is free, in which you can choose from thousands of things that amazon sells on their website and start promote it. Amazon will give you a link special and every time someone buys from through your link amazon will give you a commission from 5 to 10 percent of the sale. And sometimes even 15 or 20%. The only negative thing I see is that amazon pays you 60 days after purchase, but you can choose to receive the payment through gift cards Amazon (GIFT CARD) can also be by transfer bank although transfers banks are currently only available in the usa.
But if you are outside the us you get paid by check, or you can transfer the money to your amazon account and start buying things inside the page. Ingenious the amazon right?

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hehe the second method to earn money online is


You’ve probably heard talk about this website if you’re a little bit advanced in the world of earn money online, since fiverr is a simple and easy site to start earn money that many use as tool to grow business online and much more. But if you never heard of from it basically it’s a website independent where you can literally outsource anything, and I want say anything whenever it is legal .. for just five dollars there really are hundreds and hundreds different ways different from making money with Fiverr, just to name a few can you make animations, logo designs, packaging design, web and mobile design, social media design, editing photoshop, architecture and planning of floors 3d models.

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Design of products, t-shirts and marketing and even assistant virtual and much more. If there is something that can be outsourced most likely is that you find it on Fiverr …

Number 3: Sale of info-products. In the channel I have already talked about this topic but I can’t stop doing it for how profitable it is. You see if you have something of knowledge or a lot of experience on some specific topic is not need to have a university degree to credit you with a travel degree, like chef, acting or something like that. You can create and sell a product digital or info-product generally in pdf or prerecorded video format, and have the possibility of generating thousands of dollars a month in online income Of course, if you know how to sell it very well, right? for example tells you a story personal .. When I started talking about myself experience starting a business without quit my job and not be fired at I try, for my first business blog.

Hundreds of people wrote to me asking me for advice to do the same. Weeks passed in which I was giving the same answer over and over until it occurred to me to summarize everything in one video guide to monetize my knowledge and experience and offer it on my website and youtube channel for those who asked me. I it took a few weeks to record and create I wrote all the material in Word, I played it in video animation, and then I started promoting it for web pages, facebook and youtube. And has ended up becoming so popular that later after a while it began to sell itself out to mouth almost without the need to promotion but like this kind of online income is one of the most lucrative is also one of the most initial work represents.

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The good thing is that, once created and promoted the product can become a excellent passive income entry during years. Obviously while the information that you offer there follow current and updated. If you are interested in true, start a business without leaving your job maybe I can help you. Here up on the cards I leave you one of the free video guides that I created with my equipment.. and finally

Number 4 creating a YOUTUBE channel. 

Did you know that today there are inexperienced people who are managing to monetize their digital business in record time make money online and especially in YouTube ceased to be a game in which I was only winning a few today everyone you have a chance to win big sums of money from the comfort of their houses according to various experts the best way to start your business digital and build an online business solid and enduring over time is creating a youtube channel.

In Youtube you have the possibility of reaching mass audiences for free. Yes you manage to make thousands of people see your content, you can easily earn thousands dollars online but the question of the million is .. how do you do it right for ensure you have excellent results? since honestly this is a topic extensive and cannot be explained in this video as it would take me hours. For the I want you to go see right now a totally free video, where my partner in mexico reveals the 7 new secrets to being a youtuber successful and get HIGH PROFITS with YouTube in 2019, the secrets that no one has revealed on how to monetize on youtube 100% updated, I left this method for the end because as you will see I have a work team where we are dedicated full to generate content on the internet.