10 Major Forms Of Digital Marketing

Forms of digital marketing

9 Major Forms Of Digital Marketing


When it comes to digital marketing in any organization, it does not have to be a single form. Digital marketing has some primary components that can be used to achieve digital marketing objectives.  At times, the components overlap because you can actually combine two or more components together. For example, I can combine email marketing and content marketing to reach my target audience. Some of these components are used at different stages of the buyer’s journey to achieve the objectives of that stage. For instance, you can use email marketing for customer retention and re-engagement . in this article, I will be looking at the different forms of digital marketing that we have.

Forms of digital marketing

#1 Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising, community management, and engagement, as well as content sharing, are at the heart of his platform.


Social Media Marketing has to do with the ability to create a real connection with consumers, keeping them informed and making it easy for them to connect with your brand. You can also use it to create easy accessibility for your website and getting feedback from new and existing customers.


It is also a means of showing your brand personality as well as what makes your brand to be different from other brands. This also makes it very easy for people to relate to your brand.


Social Media platforms also work as a search engine at times. It ensures that new and existing customers can easily. It also assists the organization in raising awareness about their products and services.


#3  Paid Search

This component is central to the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. This happens because most people turn to their search engines for solutions when they are having problems. When your content, whether paid or organic happens to be on the first page of search engines. It is a big advantage for you. 


When you know that users using search engines will likely click on the first six links that appear on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This makes the search engine a worthy investment to consider. 


#4 SEO

Search Engine Optimization is also at the core of Digital Marketing strategy because it enhances natural website authority over organic search. The better your SEO, the less effort your target audience will make in order to find you. This will also make it easy for your content to appear for the relevant keywords. It will boost your ranking and push your content to the top of the page. 


#5 Content

It is a well-known strategy that content is king. It is your content that will attract your prospective customers. This will spur them to read your content and consider the product that you have to offer. 


Content is the number one priority in your inbound strategies as it will be at the centre of all the efforts. It will also be the centre of all efforts and campaigns. It will also allow the organization to build trust with the consumer, and eventually convert them into customers. 


#6 Email Marketing

Most times, consumers do not always come to your website. There are some that are interested in what you have to offer but your website seems not to be their top priority. Email marketing as a tool allows you to reach out to your target audience that may want to hear from your brand. You just have to make sure that whatever campaign that you send to them is mobile responsive because they are likely to be viewing the campaign from their mobile phones. 


#7 Lead Management

This is based on the opportunity to transform an ordinary consumer to a lead by moving them to your owned or paid media where their basic information can be collected. At times you may have to entice them by offering free trials and downloadable contents that they may be interested in.


In order to carry out lead management successfully, you have to make sure that the process of collection of the needed information is made easy. Visitors to your owned media must be able to see the form without much hassle.


#8 Conversion optimization

This aspect of Digital marketing focuses on making conversion happen more often from all the digital channels. You can do this by increasing your website speed and responsiveness. You can also use website forms to generate leads as well as minimizing the number of clicks that users have to make before they can perform actions on the website. You also have to make the overall use of the website to be seamless in nature.


#9 Analytics

Analytics happens to be the onus of all digital marketing activities. They allow you to connect each campaign, visit, and conversions together so that you can look at how they have performed. It will also allow you to decide on the best way to achieve the vest out of your campaigns. It is noteworthy that almost all the social media platforms have their analytics too that can help you to have a basic understanding of your target audience. Analytics can also give you an understanding of the general health of your database. It can assist you in carrying out optimization and re-targeting which will improve the conversion rate of your organization. 


#10 Automation

This is one of the critical components of Analytics and Digital Marketing. With automation, digital marketers can set up campaigns for lead capturing and conversion without any human intervention. This will allow the software to work in the background and give the digital marketer the opportunity to concentrate on other things. 


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