HERE’S SOME TIPS: How to get rid of those bumps that hang under your blouse, all from the comfort of your own home.

Male breasts or gynecomastia; whatever they are called, the excessive amount of flesh that some men carry on their chests and gives you the appearance of a pre-pubertal girl rather than an Olympic breast is unfortunately a growing problem.
According to the Belvedere Clinic, 47% of men in the UK hate the look of their chests and there is a 44% increase in men choosing surgery to solve the problem.


What causes breast enlargement in men and how to get rid of them?
With about 2/3 of British men (but not only) going towards obesity, most breast augmentation is simply caused by being overweight. But, if it is not about a quantity of brick then it can be a hormonal problem. Low levels of testosterone and high levels of female hormones, or estrogen may be the reason, in this case they are best treated by a doctor, who recommends how to restore hormonal balance and may advise you on cosmetic surgery.
However, most men’s breasts can disappear with a few simple lifestyle changes.


We all know that you can not completely get rid of fat, but if you clean your diet a little and work out more in the gym will help your body reduce the percentage of fat and reduce your breasts. A healthy percentage of fat for men is considered at the level of 22% or less.

Achieve that with a balance between cardio and weight training, which should include about 3-5 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) sessions per week, to start boosting your metabolism and speeding up your burning potential. greases. Swimming and aerobics would also be a great and effective form of cardio to remove those excess lumps in the chest area.



Dietary changes will also have a big impact. Eat like a man. Do not diet, do not let the body suffer from hunger. Eliminating foods from the diet has been drastically proven to lower testosterone levels and lead to so-called “gynecomastia re-nutrition”.
You need to eat more foods that increase estrogen levels, such as fiber and foods rich in vitamin B6, and avoid ready-to-eat foods and processed sugars.
Consume lots of fruits and vegetables, such as green beans, corn, broccoli, cabbage, melons, grapes, pineapples, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries.

Reduce the level of alcohol consumption. Beer, mixed drinks, processed carbohydrates and processed foods increase the amount of calories and the percentage of fat. Set a limit on their consumption.


Doing endless crunches or chest muscles will not make your breasts disappear completely, but it will help to re-emphasize the muscles beneath them and improve the appearance of your chest. Not only that, but the more muscle mass you have, the more efficiently your body will burn fat, so in the end the result will be more of a male chest. To gain as much muscle as possible, do not focus only on the chest area. Concentrate on exercises for as many muscles as squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, bench presses and rows to move a large muscle group and achieve great results.




Do not let your posture sit back and relax when it comes to facing your breasts, which you hate so much. Working with the muscles of the back and central part walk a long way to create a proper posture. This small change can dramatically affect the way your chest looks. Let’s say; curved shoulders do not make anyone look beautiful. Strengthen the surrounding muscles and not only will you see that your metabolism will increase action, but you will improve posture and above all your psychological well-being.


Staying home without doing anything, or interfering in your life with any kind of physical activity, would not change this condition, but would make it worse. Do not complain looking at yourself in the mirror, but complain why you are not doing something to change it.
Get up and move, walk and do at least 10,000 steps a day. You will see that it will help you a lot.



In cases where diets. exercise and medications do not have any effect on fat reduction then there is the possibility of surgical intervention. The first option is liposuction, which removes fat from the breasts, but not the breast tissue glands, and the second option is mammoplasty, which does breast reduction, a method used in extreme and long-term cases of gynecomastia.


Do not be afraid. One of the best ways to control male breasts is to keep your testosterone levels high. A recent study from Massachusetts General Hospital found a significant link between testosterone levels, body weight and waist mass. Overweight individuals who have low testosterone levels were able to raise that level by doing 150 minutes of exercise a week and changing their diet for a year. This exercise triggers testosterone in your body, which inhibits breast development, while pyramid sets speed up your heart rate, giving you the cardio burst you need.

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Below we suggest some exercises to have a varied exercise plan and of course you can practice it at home. You may not have the machinery or the free weights, but that should not stop you from controlling your breasts.


Here, a model of sitting at home and for this you only need a few stairs, or a bench.

• Warm up with 5-10 minutes of jogging, sprints and sporadic jumps to release muscles and joints. Then do the following exercises in order, with no breaks between exercises.

• Perform each exercise for 30 seconds. Once you have completed a set of exercises, take a 2 minute break and then repeat the set. Repeat the set depending on your fitness level.



1. Shadowboxing (Shadow boxing, where you can use light weight at all, or just with the strength of the arms)

2. Feet elevated press up (Pump with legs supported up on the bench / ladder)

3. Lateral Plank with Rotation (Lateral Plank with rotation from the inside)

4. Bicycle crunch (Crunches with imitation of bicycle pedal movement)

5. Press-up (Pump)

6. Burpee

7. Plyometric Press Up (Pump by pounding hands on push up).


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