How to set up Firewall Security for Apple devices

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Let me teach you how to set up Firewall security…



I now remember a scenario that a layman asked me to explain what a firewall security is. I actually find it very difficult to tell him exactly what it means. Firewall is a wall that has fire so that nothing bad can penetrate. Sure, they are going to be consumed by the fire. It sounds funny but that is what it is. By the time I am true with this article, you are going to agree with my funny definition. Not to forget my focus for this article, I want to talk about how you can set up Firewall security for Apple devices. Follow me as we do that in this article.

firewall security
When we talk about network. We are talking about a situation where two or more computers or devices are connected through wire or wirelessly so that they are able to share information or communicate together. I have also said it in one of my articles that when you are in a network, if you are not protecting yourself, it is very possible for other connected users to steal data and other information from your own unprotected device.

The MAC Operating system has been designed specifically to block unwanted network communication from having access to your computer resources. This alone is a firewall security on its own. Apple devices are so amazing that you do not really need anti-virus when you are using them. That is why they are damn too expensive.

The first thing to do is to click on “System Preferences” . Once it opens, click on “Security” and then you click on “Firewall”. The setting will open for you to configure it.

There is need now to click on the lock symbol that is available on the dialog box in order to make changes to your settings. Once you are prompted, you might need to enter the admin userid and password in order to continue with the settings.

You should know that by default, the firewall allows all incoming connections. The reasons being that you are the one that visited the website. If it is not secured, you should not have gone there in the first place. That is why you have to take precautions as far as websites that you visit are concerned.
You can change the option by selecting the second option “Allow only essential services” or you can go further by choosing the third option “Set access for specific services and applications”.

You can now choose the application(s) that you want the firewall to allow and which of the services you want the firewall security to block as well.

The last thing is to click the lock icon to prevent further changes and close the security window.

That is that you need to do to stay secured with Apple devices.


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