/How to find the sum of the top nth number in Microsoft Excel

How to find the sum of the top nth number in Microsoft Excel


Have you ever been to an Office where people are using Microsoft Excel and they still rely on calculators for their Job?


It is a very common place but it is quite wrong. Do you know that many wasted time just because they do not know the proper way to apply Microsoft Excel Formula and Functions? My mission is to help you all.


Although I have talked about how to use SUM Function in Microsoft Excel in my previous article. I want to go deeper now. What if you have some sales figure and you have now decided to calculate the sum of the five total sales. How will you do that without having to remove or scatter your database? Let us quickly look at that in this article.


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I will be working on this database that I am working now. Pretty soon, I will provide means of making it available for you.


Based on this database, I want to find SUM of the top five largest number. To do this perfectly, I will be combining LARGE and SUM Function together to get my answer.


I am not going to use the Function Library. I will do it straight. I am going to explain how I arrive at my answer.


Lets now find the sum of the top 5 numbers….


I will first of all pick the SUM function in Microsoft Excel, followed by the LARGE function.


After I have picked the two functions, the next thing said ARRAY, which is the column where my answer is coming from.


You will highlight the TOTAL SALES PER EMPLOYEE COLUMN, leaving out the last cell which is the Grand Total. You will now put a comma after that and put the Constant , represented by K above.




Since I am looking for the Fifth largest number, my k here will be five.


That will be all for now. If you have any question regarding how to do this in Microsoft Excel, make use of the comment box.



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