Some Wonderful Features Of MS Project 2016

Some wonderful features of MS Project 2016


Ms Project 2016 is the all-new scheduling software from Microsoft. It is one of the popular software that can be used to manage the project successfully. here are some of the features of Ms Project 2016.


Let’s walk through the major parts of the Project interface:

The Quick Access Toolbar is a customizable area of the interface where you can add
your favourite or frequently used commands. For more information, 

Use the “Tell Me” box to quickly find a Project command, or help about that command
or feature.

The Ribbon
The ribbon contains the commands you use to perform actions in Project. Tabs on
the ribbon organize the major features and commands in Project into logical groups.
The tabs on the Project ribbon are discussed in detail later on this blog. Groups are collections of related commands. Each tab is divided into multiple

Commands are the specific features you use to perform actions in Project. Each tab
contains several commands. Some commands, like Cut on the Task tab, perform an
immediate action.


Other commands, like Change Working Time on the Project tab,
open a dialogue box or prompt you to take further action in some other way. Some
commands are available only when you’re in a particular type of view or report.

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Screen tips
ScreenTips are short explanatory descriptions of commands, column headings, and
many other items in Project. You can see an item’s ScreenTip by pointing to the


The active view (or report) is displayed in the main Project window. A project can
display a single view or multiple views in separate panes. A multiple-view display is
called a split view or a combination view.


features of Microsoft Project 2016
The view label (or report label) appears along the left edge of the active view.
The project includes dozens of views, so this is a handy reminder of what your active view is.

The status bar displays some important details like the scheduling mode of new
tasks (manual or automatic) and whether a filter has been applied to the active view.
You use view shortcuts to quickly switch between recently used views and reports.
The Zoom Slider zooms the active view or reports in or out.

Shortcut menus (also called context menus or right-click menus) and Mini Toolbars
appear when you right-click most items in a view or report.

features of ms project 2016

Here’s a good general practice: when you’re not sure what actions you can perform
with something you see in Project, right-click the item to see what commands are
available for that item.

Similar to other Microsoft Office programs, Project uses the interface commonly called the ribbon. The most prominent parts of this interface are the tabs and ribbon that span the top of the Project window.

These tabs logically group together the commands that apply to major areas of focus in Project:


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The Task tab includes commands for adding, formatting and organizing tasks.
Use the Resource tab to add resources to a plan, assign them to tasks, and manage
their workloads.

The Report Tab
The Report tab contains commands you can use to view reports and compare two
plans. The Project tab contains commands that usually apply to the entire plan, such as the command for setting the plan’s working time.

The View Tab

The View tab helps you control what you see in the Project window and how that
information is displayed. Tool tabs include the Format tab, the Design tab, and the Layout tab, among others.


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A tool tab appears when a certain kind of information is displayed in the active view
or report, or when a certain kind of item is selected. For example, when a task view
like the Gantt Chart view is displayed, the commands on the Format tool tab apply
to tasks and Gantt Chart items like Gantt bars. The current context of the Format tab.



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