5 Major facts about Email Security

5 Major facts about Email Security


When it comes to email security, I have always seen people that do not care about the security of their email account. You would have seen individuals that do not always sign out of their email accounts and engage in some other unwholesome practices. Here are some of the facts that you need to know about email and email security generally.


#1 Not 100 Percent

The first Hong I want to know is that there is no email communication that is one hundred percent secure. It is always possible for an intruder to hijack the communication and what is been sent without having direct permission to do so. note that , even the most secure email communication channel is not totally secured.

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Facts about email security


#2 Attackers

Also, insecure emails allow Attackers to intercept personal and sensitive information of the user. This can lead to a situation where Attackers have access to sensitive information which they can use for identity theft and phishing.



#3 Unauthorized access

Most at times, if email communication is not secured, it can lead to a situation email sent or received can be forged or read by others who are not supposed to have access to such email communication. This can compromise the security of any organisation.


#4 Email viruses

Many individuals does not also know that emails can be carriers of viruses. Although some email services have automated scanning of emails before they can be attached or read. It is also a good practice to scan email messages for viruses before you open any attachment (s) that comes with emails.


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There is a need for every user of email services to secure their emails in terms of using a strong password and preventing unauthorized

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