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Some Facts About Digital Marketing

facts about digital marketing

Some Facts About Digital Marketing


Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary defined Digital marketing as a means of mass communication using digital technologies such as the internet. It can also be defined within the parameters of technologies using digital formats and the internet. To some, Digital Marketing can only be carried out on the internet. There are some categories of people that felt that once Marketing or campaigns is not carried out blog and search engine, it can never be referred to as Digital Marketing. Hell No! All forms of marketings and campaigns that you see on the billboard are all part of digital marketing as long as it is done electronically.

Facts About Digital Marketing

It also encompasses all online shared experiences such as social media and applications that are used to introduce organisations’ products and services to the target audience.  They also include software that is used to create and monitor campaigns.


Before the advent of online Digital Marketing, we have traditional marketing but when Digital Marketing comes, it replaced some of the traditional methods of Digital Marketing.


Here are some of the ways that the new Digital Marketing has replaced traditional marketing. 


  • Wikis have replaced books.
  • Blogs have replaced traditional journalism.
  • Music has been replaced with Pandora newspapers. 
  • e-zines have replaced magazines. 
  • Podcasts have replaced Radios. 
  • full episodes on the web replaced the TV.
  • VOIP has replaced Telephones. 
  • Amateur video has replaced films.
  • Flikr has replaced Photo. 
  • Picasa has replaced traditional Museum.


A little background into the history of Digital Marketing…



Historically Digital Marketing began with the start of new media and the Internet bubble of the 1990s. From the first clickable web-ad from AT&T in 1994,

prophetically asking, “Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will.“ Today banner ads are so common that we have even developed technologies to block them from appearing and invading our screens.

That being said, digital marketing has developed to be a much more complex network of communication, collaboration, community, creativity, and convergence beyond simple display ads.

Notoriously, the development of Digital Marketing has lead to two marketing concepts known as Inbound and Outbound marketing.



Now your take on this argument.

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    Steve Smith
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    Digital Marketing is most important for ranking on google, In Digital Marketing including Social Media Marketing, Video, Live Videos, but digital marketing is also a factor of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). Well, its Helpfull Article to know about facts of Digital Marketing.

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