4 General Facebook Security Tips for Users

Facebook security settings

4 General Facebook Security Tips for Users


There are many Facebook users that are so careless about that social media sites. Some have never changed the settings on their accounts . This has opened many of them to attacks. If this continues , there are still many Facebook accounts that will be hacked.in the future.


In this article, I want to talk about some of the Facebook security settings that need to be done if you want to secure your account. Follow me as we look at that in this article.

Facebook security settings

#1 Adjust Privacy Settings

There is a need for you to be selective when it comes to who can see your profile on Facebook. You have to make you can only be discovered by close friends as well as who you want to. This will prevent bad people from using your information for social engineering purpose.


#2 Think carefully

You need to think carefully about.who is who allowed to be your friend. You must never accept request from people who are not your friends . You have to accept friends from only who you know .


#3 Limited friends

You have to show ” Limited Friends” which is a cut down version of the profile.


Facebook allow it’s users to make people “Limited Friends ” who only have partial access to users profiles.


This is useful if the user have connections who they do not feel comfortable sharing personal information with.


#4 Enable

You need to enable access to information only when it is necessary. Vital information should be hidden from users who are likely to use it for malicious purpose.

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