Some Recommended Actions for Facebook Search Settings

Facebook search settings

Some Recommended Actions for Facebook Search Settings 



When it comes to people finding you on Facebook , there are some precautions that you need to take so that you will not fall into the hand of scammers. I want to tell you done of the options that you need to make as well as reasons why you need to take some of these decisions. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.


Here are some of the Facebook Search settings…

  • Allow anyone to see my public search listing.

My opinion: Be careful.

Why? The user should select the option “Yes” only if they want people they are familiar with to know that they are on Facebook.

  • Facebook search settingsAllow my public search listing to be indexed by external search engines.

My Opinion : NO.

Why? If enabled , it allow people using external search engines like Google , Yahoo, MSN to find users on Facebook.


  • See your picture.

My Opinion: Be careful.


Why? Do not share pictures that may embarrass or that are personal.


  • Send you message.

My Opinion : No


If the user respond to a message sent by someone that they are not friend with, the unknown user will be able to view his or her profile.


  • Poke you.

My Opinion : No



By responding to a poke from an unknown user , the user will be allowing him or her to view their profile information for a period of time.


  • Add you as a friend

My opinion: Be careful



Be cautious before you accept any friend request.


  • View your friend list.

My Opinion : No


Why? The user should not allow people who are not on their friends list to view their friends list.



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