8 Expert Areas for Project Management Plans

8 Expertise Areas for Project Management Plans


First and foremost, please note that expertise Areas for Project Management Plans are necessary when you are planning to execute a project successfully.  According to PMI, you should be able to manage any project successfully.


In order to succeed in managing projects, you need to consider expertise advise from Subject Matter Experts. Here are some of the Expertise that should be considered from individual or groups with specialized knowledge or training in the following area:


#1: Tailoring

As a Project Manager, you need to seek advice on how you can tailor your knowledge and other Expertise in order to suit the need of the project that you have at hand. You have to agree with team members and other stakeholders on what you should and what you should not do on the project.

Expert areas for project management plans

#2 Other component required

Another expert area that you should consider for your project has to do with the development of other components for the project management plans. You need to talk to an expert on the aspect of risk, quality, schedule and other knowledge areas that will contribute to the success of the project.

#3 Tools and Techniques

There is a need for you to consider the tools and techniques that you are going to use in accomplishing your project objectives. There are some critical steps that PMI Project Managers to follow in order to achieve desired results. You have to seek advice on how these processes can be applied in order to achieve project results.


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#4 Technical details

Another expert area for project management plans that a Project Manager needs is the Technical details for the project. If you are managing a project in terrain that you are not familiar with, you need to seek to advise on what technicalities you need to consider in order to manage the project successfully.


#5 Resource and Skill level

As part of the effort to develop effective project management, the Project Manager needs to determine the resource and skill level that is required to every team members that will be participating in the project. The  Subject Matter Experts are in a better position to determine who should or should not be included in the project.


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#6 Configuration Management

The Project Manager also needs to discuss with Subject Matter Experts with appropriate expert areas on the level of configuration management to be applied to the project. He needs to determine procedures to be filled for making changes documents and deliverables. He must know how stakeholders will be notified about configuration requirements will be gathered for the project.


#7  Change Control Process

The Project Manager in developing Project Manager has to determine how the change will be controlled for the project. He has to discuss with Experts in order to formulate an effective change control system.

He must agree with experts on what constitutes change as well as how requested changes will be analysed in order not to compromise on quality.


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#8 Work Prioritization

The Project Manager also has to seek advice on how the work of the project will be prioritized. He has to agree with experts on the order of work for the project so that resources can be effectively utilized in order to achieve project goals. 


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