/What you need to know about Excel as a data entry app

What you need to know about Excel as a data entry app

Before you can begin to use Excel as a data entry app, you need to realise some facts.
One  of this is that excel is one application that we can refer to as a Data entry app . In this article , I just want to talk about some of the facts that you should know about Excel as a Data Entry app.
 data entry app
  • You need to enter all the data into the appropriate cell before you can be able to do any manipulation on them.


  • When you enter data into any cell, that cell become what is called an Active cell.


  • An active cell is always displayed with a solid green border around it. You should note that in working on excel data entry, when you select a range of cell , it is one only one cell that will be the active cell. In that case, the active cell is displayed without a shaded background around it.


  • You can use Tab and the Enter key to navigate among cells within a selected range while maintaining the range as your selection.


  • In addition to dragging your mouse to select a range of cells, you can press and hold down the Shift key  to select a range of contiguous cells or you can press and hold down the Ctrl key to select a range of non contiguous group of cells.


  • A contiguous cell are cells that are together while a non contiguous cells are range of cells that are not together.



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