Examining Conflict Management For Projects

Examining Conflict Management For Projects


Conflict Management is the application of one or more strategies for dealing with disagreements that may be detrimental to team performance. Effective conflict management can lead to improved understanding, performance and productivity.

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Conversely, ineffective or nonexistent conflict management can lead to destructive behavior, animosity, poor performance, and reduced productivity- all of which threaten successful completion of project deliverables. 


There are certain conflict resolution methods and the to follow particular method includes the intensity and importance of conflict, the time given to resolve the conflict, the position of the conflicting parties, and the motivation to resolve conflicts in the short-term or long-term basis.


Conflict Management approaches…

#1 Confronting /Problem Solving

This method focuses on identifying the underlying problem and working out alternatives or solutions for it in a way that allows the involved parties to work through there disagreements. 


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#2 Compromising

This involves working out a middle ground that satisfies all parties to some degree. When you are using this approach, you get some issues resolved but that does not mean that all the parties are happy at the end of the process. 


#3 Smoothing/Accommodating

This focusing on de-emphasizing the differences between points of view and focuses on commonalities. When you are using this type of approach, you are hammering on what the parties agreed on and refused to talk about there areas of disagreement. 


#4 Forcing 

This always requires others to yield to the point of view of one side or another. It may increase conflict and end in a win-loose situation. At this point, you are forcing one of the parties to listen to your point of view and review to listen to the other parties.


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#5 Collaborating

This incorporates insights and viewpoints from different perspectives, which can lead to the commitment between the conflicting parties. Here, all the parties to the conflict come together to find a solution to the problem.


#6 Withdrawal /Avoiding

This involves avoiding or retreating from the conflict or potential conflict and allowing the involved parties to work out the conflict on there own. 


Different problem-solving business philosophies interpret and categorize “compromise” and “confrontation” differently, in terms of there effectiveness and desirability., additionally, different companies may have there own way of interpreting and implementing these approaches. Also, there cannot be one universally effective way to resolve conflict because conflicts are mostly situational.


Typical example…

Two salespeople accustomed to working independently, on commission may be asked to partner together on a project to bring in a major new account. If the two become embroiled in conflicts regarding there commission splits and there differing sales styles and if they cannot agree to work together amicably for the sake of the project, the business will suffer. Conflict management will be used to help the team members work through there differences. 

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