3 ways of establishing Key Performance Indicators for web analytics

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In this article, we want to look at three main ways of establishing Key Performance Indicators for web analytics. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.



Key Performance Indicators can be seen as yardsticks that has been carefully set in order to monitor progress that has been made in any project or endeavour in which improvement is expected. In many of my previous articles, I have tried to look at some of the tools that you can use for web analytics as well as some of the parameters that can be used in order to boost your web traffic.



One of the very first thing is that implementation level of objectives are tracked using key performance indicators. It allows you to know how far you have gone in implementing your web analytics goals by examining the result against the standard that you have set for yourself.

Most at times, business define metrics are set by looking at the objectives that you have set for yourself. This at times allow you to know how far you have gone as far as achieving your objective is concerned. You can now work towards how desired objectives can be achieved.
 establishing key performance indicators

Branded traffic as part of the tools for establishing key performance indicators

One other thing to consider when establishing key performance indicators is Branded traffic. This refers to web traffic generated by search terms that are related to your brand or company name. This at times help you to test how popular your brand is as far as search result is concerned.

This will go a long way in helping you test the popularity of your business. You can use this in analyzing results and working on your search engine optimization strategies.

Visitor loyalty usage in establishing key performance indicators

when you are establishing key performance indicators, visitor loyalty assesses the repeated visits and time spent by visitors to your website. It assess the repeated visits as well as the time spent on your website. This will show the level of bounce rate been experienced on your website. If visitors do not read more than the article that brought them to your website. That means they are not loyal to you.

When visitors stay longer on your period for a particular period of time. That means they are more loyal to you. This will also boost revenue and conversion on your website.

Conversions when establishing key performance indicators

This has to do with visitors’ level of engagement which can be identified by the level of conversion on your website as well as the level of recency, frequency as well as how much the visitors are willing to spend on your products and services.

In order to determine the conversion rates when establishing key performance indicators, you need to track the total number of people actually registered for your newsletters, the total number of downloads of your e-books as well as the total number of enquiries that you are generating on your website or blog.

Like I told my students in class yesterday, any I.T project that you can not measure should not be started in the first place. You must have a way of assessing your progress so as to know how far you have gone. This will help you to activate improvement measures which will make your systems to be better off.

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