/Essentials for creating a good project scope statement

Essentials for creating a good project scope statement


A Scope statement is a document that state what is and what is not part of a project. A well defined scope statement provides stakeholders with a basis to make future decisions about the project scope. Scope statement also help the stakeholders to know what should not be part of the project. It also serves as a baseline for monitoring the scope of the project. Follow me as we in this article look at the guidelines for creating a project scope statement.

project scope statement


One of the first step you need to take when  defining a scope statement for a project is to refine the project objectives, deliverables and product scope from the requirement documentation. You must have consult project stakeholders before creating a scope statement. They are the one that will tell you what they are expecting from your project. You are to sit down and group similar projects together. You have to ensure that objectives are refined to avoid repetitions.



There is the need for you to re-examine the project requirements while carrying out project scope statements. You need to ask yourself if you need to re-prioritize your project based on the result of your stakeholders analysis. Stakeholders might have made their own input when you consult with them. It is now left for you to know which of your tasks comes first in line with the suggestions of your stakeholders.



There is also the need for you to review project boundaries. You have to know how your project boundaries. you also have to know how the project will move from one stage or phase to another. You need to look at the requirements that must be met before your project can move from one phase to another phase.




There is also the need for you to update the preliminary project constraints , risks and assumptions. As you continue with the project, you will want to focus more on project scope. In doing this , you have to look at factors that are likely to limit your project. You must be sure that there is nothing that does not suppose to be part of your project that is been found there.



There is the need for you to create milestones from the beginning to the end of your project. Milestones are important achievements that you need to achieve as you move on with your project. Take for example, you are constructing a building, the foundation laying, decking, painting of the building, interior decoration among other are all important milestones in the project.




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