Guidelines for Ensuring Credit Card Safety

In my previous article, I have talked about some of the credit card frauds that can happen in any clime. You need to take your credit card safety serious. I would advise that you read that article before reading this particular article.

credit card safety

What to do before you start shopping…

#1 Check their profile…

In order to guarantee your credit card safety, there is a need for you to check the website if it is a known website. You can Google their name to know what others are saying about them. It is then that it can be safe for you to use your card on that website.

#2 Certificate of trust…

For you to guarantee your credit card safety, you also need to check for third-party certification of trust of that particular website. If a website is viable, it should have certificate authority proving that it is safe to use your card on such a website. Some of this trust is given by Verisign or eTrust among others.

Check reviews…

One other thing to do before you use your card on any website is to check the reviews for that particular website. What are people saying about that particular website? What you see on their website might not be enough for you to judge. You need to look at what review websites have to say about them.

Review Privacy statement

There is a need for you to review the privacy statement on the website. You have to read what they have to say about how they are going to protect your information. These are also updated from time to time. You must not be too lazy to go through them.


While you are shopping…

You have to be discreet. You should only disclose information that is only relevant to what you are doing at that moment. Do not be a talkative,

Secure site

You have to be careful. You must ensure that you are using a secure computer and you log in to a very secure website. You must find out it is an https secured website before you enter your card information.

Strong Password

You have to make sure that you are using a strong password. Do not use your Date of Birth or other combination that are very easy to guess. A password must contain numbers, letters and special characters.

One click shopping

You need to make sure that you add an extra layer of security when you are shopping online. You can make use of 2-way authentication that asked you to confirm if you are the one truly logging in to your website. It is very safe and secured.

Check your mail

There is a need for you to check your mail after online transactions. You have to be sure you are properly charged. If you notice any anomaly, make an effort to contact your bank immediately.


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