4 Major Roles Of End User Analyst In CRM Projects

Here are the four major roles of End User Analyst in a CRM  Projects…


In my previous articles, I have looked at some of the basic skills that are needed for building a corporate information factory. I have also looked at the role of the Program Manager, Project leader, organisational change agent among others. In this article, I want to look at the role of the End User Specialist in CRM Projects. Follow me as we look at this together.

His roles… 

#1 End user focus
The End User Specialist is responsible for ensuring that the end users are put into consideration when the organisation is building a  Corporate Information Factory. He is also responsible for training the end users on how to use Corporate Information Factory tools.

4 Major Roles Of End User Analyst In CRM Projects
The End-user Specialist ensures that the Corporate Information Factory is designed in such a way that it is easy to use for final users of the tools. He has to understand how the business environment works so as to know the best way to capture information that is needed for business decisions.

His character traits…

#1 CRM knowledge
The End User Analyst must be well grounded in customer relationship management. He has to know where the organisation is now and where they want to be in the nearest future. He must be able to know the reasons why the organisation is embarking on customer relationship management strategy as well as what you need to do in order to achieve these laudable objectives.


#2 Excellent communication skills
One of the reasons why project fails at times is the inability of the Project manager or the person in charge of communication with end users to prepare the mind of the intending users on what they should expect when the new service is been rolled out. 

The end user Specialist should be able to identify stakeholders and educate them on the roles that are expected to play as soon as the project is handed over to them.


#3 Charisma
One other attribute that can help the End-user Specialist to achieve the desired result from CRM projects is the ability to be an Influencer. 

If he is someone that commands respect among the rank and file in the organisation, it will be very easy for him to convince the users to accept the proposed change. He has to let them understand that customer loyalty is employees loyalty.


#4 Top management support
The End User Specialist must also have the support of the top management in the organisation. When the End User Specialist have the support of the top management, he will be able to get the support of other employees without much stress. This will give him room to prepare the mind of end users for the CRM project.


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