How to enable screen saver password for Apple device

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Are you sure want to enable Screen Saver password ?


Screen Saver Password are passwords that pops up when you have not used your device for some time. This is largely a function of the number of minutes or seconds that you have set for such request. Do you know that many people do not have password on their phone? Some that knows how to set up password would not want to use it because of inconvenience that it caused at times. Some that have it, you can easily guess their password. In this article, I want to show you how to enable screen saver password for Apple Device.

screen saver password

In order to prevent any unauthorized access to your system, I will strongly advice that you consider the use of Screen saver password. But you might want to ask me why this is a better option.

I once watched a film where a Drug addict visited a Law Enforcement Agent for the sole purpose of stealing information from his laptop. They happened to be In-Laws. When he arrived at the office, he asked if he should serve him Tea which he agreed to . Once he stepped out to do that, he was able to copy some file from his system. That would not have been possible if the guy is using Screen saver password. May be maybe not.

How to enable screen saver password…
From the Apple menu, you need to select System Preferences. After you have done that, you will click on Security and click on Lock icon in order to make the necessary changes.

If there is any prompt, you are to type the Admin Userid and your password in order to save the changes that you have made.

In the Security window, click the General Tab, once you do that, check “Require Password to wake this computer from sleep or screen saver (Leopard)” or”require password immediately after sleep or screen saver begins (Snow Leopard”).

Aside from the Screen Saver password, you can also secure your Apple device by selecting:

  • Disable automatic login
  • Require password to unlock each system preferences
  • Use secure virtual memory
  • Click the lock icon to prevent further changes
  • Close the Security window and restart your machine.


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