Examining Employees Behavior And Project Failure

The word “centric” in CRM is very common. it means you are taking your customers into consideration. You see them as part of the business.
 In many of my previous articles, I have looked at the various things that have to change when an organization is moving from product centricity to customer centricity. This is likely to affect both the front office and the back office.
Examining Employees Behavior And Project Failure
In this article, I want to look at the different ways that your employees are affected when you are moving from product centricity to customer centricity. Follow me as we look at this together.
 From the onset, I have to let you know that when we are talking about processes in a customer-centric enterprise, we are referring to the organizational structure, human resources and employees of an organization.
 They are sometimes referred to as “Organizational enablers” because their main task is to ensure that software and other tools are used in order to relate with customers from a different perspective.
 #1 Organisation
In terms of organizational structure, a customer-centric enterprise is structured around customers and customers alone. It is been structured in a way that the organization is able to relate with customers across multiple channels.


They are able to create platforms that allow customers to lodge their complaints from multiple channels without having to come down to the office. This enables the organization to cut down costs and serve customers in an excellent manner.
 There is also the issue of transparency of process where there is no effort to trick customers into making decisions. The organization is able to come up with both pre-sales and after-sales services which are meant to guide customers when making business decisions.
 Take, for example, these days, telecoms are fond of taking decisions on behalf of subscribers. Sometimes this week, I have up to N1, 000.00 (One thousand naira) on my line, I started noticing that N50.00 (Fifty naira) was deducted every day for automatic backup.
 I called the customer care to pull me out of this service.  After two days, the same incidence repeated itself. That is not customer care, to say the least.
 I have also said it in some of my articles that in terms of organizational structure, there is no bureaucracy in a customer-centric enterprise.

The organizational structure is been done in such a way that customer-facing employees are able to resolve customer related issues completely. They are not expected to go to sleep except customer issues are resolved.

#2 Human resources
In terms of product-centric enterprise, employees are rewarded based on how far they are able to help the organization to achieve its objectives. Promotion in this regard is solely based on how much you are able to generate for the organization.

Some employees are sacked because they are not able to meet the target set for them by their product centred employers.

In a customer-centric enterprise, employees are seen as the main asset of the organization. They are given adequate training and capacity building that will enable them to know what they can do as well as how they can serve customers better. This will help them to raise the exit barrier for customers.

In a product-centric enterprise, employees are trained to become product specialists. They are given training on new methods of production that will enable them to come up with quality products and cut down the cost of production.

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