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How Various Email Systems Works

email systems

How Various Email Systems Works


Email also is known as Electronic mail is a method of exchanging digital messages from the sender on one hand to one or more recipients on the other hand.

The use of email messages communications has assisted individuals and organizations in exchanging messages and improving business processes. 


There are some companies that engage in the provision of email services such as Microsoft, Google, and AOL among others. They all have free and premium email services.

email systems

Also, email accounts can be assessed from any web browser or stand-alone mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird among others.

When it comes to sending emails, there is always a sender who make use of an email client such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo mail among others, The email client will assist in sending the mail to an email server which relies on the internet to transfer the email message to another email server at the other end. This email can now be assessed by the receiver through another email client at the other end. That is the typical example of how email systems work.


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