16 Management Elements For Successful Projects

Management Elements for Successful Projects

16 Management Elements for Successful Projects


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Management elements for successful projects are the components that comprise the key functions or principles of general management in any organization. The general management elements are allocated within the organization according to its governance framework and the organizational structure type adopted by the organization.

Management Elements for Successful Projects


Some of the management element for successful projects include:



One of the main management elements for successful projects that have to be in place includes the division of work based on the specialized skills of each of the workforce. This will ensure that square pegs are placed in square holes. It will help the organization to recognize skill gaps and invest in the training of their employees. 



Another focus of the management elements for successful projects is the work authorization system for the project. The use of work authorization allows the organization to monitor all tasks being performed in a project. It makes them coordinate activities for the project. This will ensure that quality is not compromised in the process of performing tasks.


Another major focus of these management elements is to ensure that the right tasks are being performed by the right person. This allows the organization to access the task of each of its employees and contractors. It will ensure that tasks are being given to the right person for the job.



Another major policy put in place by the management elements of the organization is the discipline of action among the rank and file of the organization. This will ensure that there is respect for authority, people and rules among all team members and stakeholders in a project. 



Another major aspect of management elements for successful projects has to do with the unity of command for projects. In order to avoid contradictions, the Project Management teams have to ensure that no team member reports to two bosses at the same time, Only one person should give orders for any action or activity to an individual. 



Another major part of these management elements for successful projects has to do with the unity of direction for the entire project. This implies that only one plan and one head for a group of activities with the same objective. That means both team members and project managers must be focused and work towards common goals. 



Another major item to note is that corporate goals must supersede individual goals in the organization. Every organizational goal in the organization must be submitted under the corporate goals of the organization. This will ensure there is no clash of interest in the organization. 



Another major part of these management elements for successful projects is to ensure that people are fairly paid for the work they have done. They have to make sure that whatever is been paid to team members does not fall below what is applicable in the industry. Doing these will ensure that team members are more dedicated to their jobs.



Another major component of this management elements includes the optimal use of resources available to the organization. The decision-makers in the organization have to ensure that they always look inward before they decide at any time to use external resources for a project. They have to ensure that the right person is been given the right tasks when they are assigning tasks for projects. 



There must also be clear communication channels that must be established for projects. The Project Manager needs to liaise with stakeholders in order to be sure that proper information and documents must be passed to the right personnel. The Project Manager needs to also carry stakeholders along in executing their projects.



There is a need for you to also ensure that the right materials are used for the project. They have to ensure that the right persons are given the right material at the right time. This will allow the right result to be achieved at the right time. 



One of the tenets that the Project Management Institute emphasizes is fair and equal treatment of all team members and stakeholders involved in a project. The Project Manager has to make sure that he does not discriminate against team members and stakeholders participating in the project.



Organizations also need to make sure that there is a security of works and positions for all individuals participating in the project. They must not feel threatened in their positions so that they can concentrate on actualizing the deliverables of the project.



The organization also needs to work on the safety of team members participating in a project. They have to put measures in place in providing safety for themselves and their team members. They also need to educate all team members working on the project on the reasons why their safety should be the first on their mind. 



there is a need for the Project Manager and the management to also give room for open contribution to planning and execution of the project, The Project manager also needs to ensure that all team members have a sense of belonging. They should be allowed to contribute their own quota to the overall success of the project. 



The team members also need to be given maximum morale and encouragement in order for them to deliver. Project Management and the Project governance team or PMO have to ensure that all necessary tools are provided in order for team members to deliver on their objectives.



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