Eight types of Lead generation in Digital marketing

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 Here are the eight types of Leads in Digital marketing….



A Lead can be seen as a potential customer who seems to have interest in your products or services. He might also have all the characteristics that you are looking for in your ideal customers. A Lead only becomes an opportunity when he or she has now shown willingness to buy or he is ready to purchase your products or services.


In this article , I want to look at some of the ways that an online marketing firm or any organisation for that matter can generate Leads. Follow me as we look at some of this together.

lead generation

#1 Cold calls
When an organisation use cold calling for Leads generation. This happens when you call or you sent unsolicited messages to someone who have not asked for it. Obviously you are creating junks. There is high tendency that there will be no response if this is been done.


#2 Advertisement
Online marketing firms can use advertisement for leads generation by creating awareness about their products and services through various means. Online marketing firms can make use of blogs, search engines among others to create awareness about their products and services. This is also capable of increasing leads generation if it is been done in the appropriate manner.


#3 Referrals
This is another means of Leads generation that an online marketing firm can adopt. Online marketing firms can ask their satisfied customers to refer new customers through sharing of links and get percentage on referrals. This at times do increase the number of new customers that an organisation can get through existing customers.


#4 List purchases
Are you a network subscriber? Have you ever received some unsolicited message and you start wondering how those people got your number or your email? Most at times during election period. You received text messages with campaign promises . All these are made possible through list purchases. Online marketing firms can purchase email or phone numbers for the purpose of marketing their products or services to them.


#5 Telemarketers
Tele marketing is also known as ” Inside Sales” . It is a process whereby online marketers solicit customers through videos and Tele conferencing. When using this method, you tend to show videos which are aimed at convincing more customers by reaching out to them with videos. Research has also shown that people tend to watch more of videos that they read articles online.
#6 Organic search result
Another medium through which products and services can be advertised in lead generation is through search engines. You should know this there are some people that are paying and bidding heavily just to appear on the first page of search engines. To an average search engine users , they might not be able to know the difference. As someone said, it is either you are paying users or you are paying publishers. The choice is yours.


#7 Tracking web page
One other way of improving lead generation is by tracking the number of people that are visiting the web page. When you are tracking the web page and know the source of your web traffic, it will help you to increase the number of people visiting your websites. To be sincere with you , it might really be very difficult to know the main reason why readers are visiting your website.


#8         Tradeshow
Under lead generation tradeshow happens to be one of the offsite means of generating traffic for your websites. You can create awareness by joining trade association and creating links with market leaders in your field. This will allow you to to create awareness about your website or blog. This will ultimately increase your leads conversion as well.


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