Easiest and safest way to do welcome back on all networks latest trick 2020

Was your cell phone taken? Did you lose your sim card? 
If yes, then, all you have to do is Sim Replacement to recover your telephone number (the thieved one will be blocked!). Follow the means underneath on the best way to recover your thieved telephone number: 
Stage 1: Get your old sim pack (If you can’t discover it, dont stress. Go to stage 2) 
Stage 2: Get a piece of paper and a pen. 
Stage 3: Write down the following: 
Your Full Name 
The Lost Phone Number 
Your Address 
Your Occupation 
Your Gender 
The last amount you recharged
Stage 4: After that, record 5 numbers you call every now and again 
Stage 5: Then record all the numbers in your family and friends list (If you can’t recollect every one of them simply record the ones you can recall) 
Stage 6: Make sure you have more than N500 in your pocket, in addition to your transport fare. 
Stage 7: Go to your closest network supplier’s office (If the sim was MTN then go to the closest MTN office, in the event that it was 9Mobile, at that point go to the closest 9Mobile office. There ought to be one close to you, ask for directions if need be). 
Stage 8: They will take the details from the paper and ask you a couple of inquiries. 
Stage 9: Then they will give you another sim card and charge you N500. They will likewise give you a recharge card of N500. 
(Implying that the Sim Replacement was in reality FREE). 
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