Effective Earned Media In Digital Marketing

Examining Earned Media In Digital Marketing


In my previous articles. I have tried to look at some of the different types of media that we have in Digital Marketing. In this article, I want to talk about earned media in digital marketing. I will also look at some of the reasons why earned media seems to carry more weight than all other types of media that you can ever think of. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.

earned media in digital marketing

Earned media gathers organic content created by your users. Some of these contents are created through review, mention, shares, testimonial among others. Most at times, they are created based on the emotional attachment that users have towards your products and services.


With earned media, your content is generated around a common interest. With the use of a hashtag, for example, it is very easy to see what customers and prospects alike are saying about your products and services. 


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One fact about this type of media is that it creates credibility as people tend to believe reports from fellow customers than what comes from the organizations themselves. It also tends to last longer in the mind of prospects than what comes from the promoters themselves. Also, Google and other social media platforms tend to reckon with earned media than other types of media that we have in Digital Media marketing.


As good as it is, earned media also have some negative sides as unsatisfied customers can use it to tarnish your image and generate the wrong impression about your products or services. One of the negatives aspects of it is that it is not scalable, at times you might lose control of it and it is always difficult to know what customers or prospects are saying about your products and services.

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Also, due to the fact that earned media is at the mercy of the users, it affects the company’s ability to provide great content and controls users’ experience. Also measuring users’ experience can be difficult as it can grow to a stage where it might not be scalable again.


Take, for instance, a user who decided to mention your name or talk about your product on their social media platform. You will not be able to know the overall impact or that mention as well as other multiplier effects that it can have on your products and services. The use of hashtags can also have some offline effects that you may not be able to mention organically.


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