Do Eye Contact Make Someone Fall In Love With You ? Read

Do Eye Contact Make Someone Fall In Love With You ? people wants to know about if definitely someone can fall in love with them with just an eye contact .

Back in the days when I was in school, that was my first year in the institution . I was a mass communicator in which each time we have a course that deal with acting , we are always happy . There’s this time we had a drama in my class and I and a lady was asked to look into our eyes deep down for two minutes , it was actually part of the drama we were acting anyway , but why I notice is that after the day we gazed at each other I begin to fall in love , thinking if it was just me alone not knowing she’s also falling in love with me . I was so scared to come out straight and tell her .

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So I decided to reason the case of making eye contact to make ladies fall for me , so I tested this scenery again with a lady I don’t even like at all just to see if it will work , oh my God , unbelievable I made an eye contact at anytime we are making conversation and believe me I started seeing this lady finding me interesting everyday . Someone we ain’t close before started coming to me everyday and before I know it , she fell in love with me .

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With the little research I made online and from psychologist , I found out that Eye Contact Make Someone Fall In Love With You . You can also try it

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