How To Distribute Project Information Effectively

How To Distribute Project Information Effectively


Effective project information distribution ensures that the project is appropriately dispensed to project stakeholders. Getting the necessary information in a timely manner enables the stakeholders to make decisions regarding the project in time to make a difference. 

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The guidelines…

#1 Create and distribute requests 

You have to create and distribute requests for project information such as project records, reports, and presentations, in accordance with the communications management plan.

#2 Use effective communication skills

There is a need for you to use effective communication skills to exchange information. You need to use the communication plan as a guide to ensure that the appropriate level of communication among all project stakeholders.

You also need to monitor the effectiveness of communication and adjust them accordingly, especially when scope changes occur or risks are realized. 


When communicating new information, you need to include constraints and assumptions, and the impact of that information on your project.

You also need to verify the immediacy of the need for information and use the appropriate means to communicate it, dependency on the urgency of that information.


You also need to increase communication when stakeholders indicate they need more information or as the project moves into a phase that affects them more directly. You need to decrease communication when the pace of the project has little to do with a particular stakeholder.


You also need to modify schedules as needed to correct a problem that arises from the project.


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You also need to monitor the need to obtain additional information, including feedback and adjust the plan based on that feedback. 


Furthermore, you need to verify that team members are familiar with the technologies and tools that you are using for communication. 


If the schedule changes or risk becomes more likely, ensure that you communicate all changes to the appropriate people and obtain necessary signoffs. 


You also have to ensure that your reports and other communication are clearly and concisely delivered. 

Above all, you have to make sure that communication delivers a consistent message to all audiences. 


#2 Information Retrieval System

There is a need for you to use an information retrieval system to provide stakeholders access to project information. Everyone should have access to the information needed. Whether manual, computerized or combination of both, make sure that your system complies with the following standards:


The system has sufficient storage capacity to hold the necessary project information. 


The system should also follow the any necessary protection protocols established in the communications management plan so that sensitive information can be accessed only by appropriate stakeholders.


The system is organized to meet the needs of the project and the stakeholders. 


#3 Appropriate information distribution 

You have to select the appropriate information distribution method for distributing project information. You must be sending an email message announcing that a report is posted on the intranet site


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You should make sure a telephone call to schedule a one-on-one meeting with appropriate stakeholders.


You need to take note of phone calls to provide a written record of the communication. This will ensure that appropriate suggestions are implemented after they have been made by the stakeholders. 


You need to also make presentations to highlight the important points in a report. This will guarantee that stakeholders are updated about the progress made so far by the project manager and the project team.


#4 Monitor the communication system

You have to also monitor the communication system for feedback to make sure that messages are getting through as planned. If individuals or organizations are not able to send or receive messages adequately, identify the problem and adjust the communications management plan, information distribution method, or retrieval system accordingly. 


#5 Determine the effects

When unexpected requests for information surface, you need to determine their effect on other aspects of managing the execution and control of the project, such as risk monitoring and schedule control. Take appropriate action to make changes to the plan as necessary. Document such unexpected requests for future use. 


Typical example…

As the company website project continues through the executing process, a huge amount of project information is generated and collected. Carrie, the project manager, is diligent in providing the stakeholders with the information they need to make sound decisions.


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First, she and her team review the communication management plan to make sure that they implement an information retrieval system. 


The executive stakeholders present a challenge regarding project communication. On the one hand, they need to make decisions about the project and require enough information to support the decision-making, but they are impatient with lengthy presentations. So, Carrie prepares a clear, concise summary of key information and a detailed report with charts and status updates for those who are interested.


Carrie invites the stakeholders to ask questions or provide other feedback. She monitors the communication system to make sure that messages are getting through as planned and that the recipients fully understand the content. 


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