Video And Display Advertising In Digital Marketing

Examining Video And Display Advertising In Digital Marketing


One of the tools that you can use to engage your target audience is Video and display advertising. It is a well-known fact that online consumers are always attracted to videos that any other advertising tools. That is why it is one of the tools that you should consider when you need to engage your audience. In this article, I want to talk about all that you need to know about display advertising in digital marketing.


Video and display ads are awareness generating digital channels that combine the science and precision of online audience targeting with the emotional engagement of audio/video and creative visual formats.

display advertising in digital marketing

Video ads provide highly relevant contents to your target audience. With it, you will be able to grab the attention of your target audience and increase the conversion rate for your target audience.


If you are still considering whether you should go for video advertising or not, here are some of the benefits of video and display advertising.


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#1 Increase brand awareness

Video ads have the tendency of increasing awareness for organizations that decides to adopt it. Most times, when you are watching your favourite videos on Youtube, such videos are interjected with video ads. Most times, users have no option than to pay attention to these videos. Whether you like it or not, these videos will continue to resonate in your memory.


#2 Drive consideration

Apart from brand awareness, you can actually drive consideration through video ads. I have seen many of my friends who have actually consider giving wix a try just because they watched the video on Youtube. Due to a live demonstration of some of the videos, it can make viewers consider giving those products a try.


#3 Purchase Intent as part of display advertising in digital marketing

Just like I said in my previous article, you can create purchase intent in the mind of your audience by displaying how the product can be used. This can actually increase the desire to use that product or service compared to text ads or other forms of social media ads.


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#4 Increase brand reach as part of display advertising in digital marketing

There is a high tendency of increasing brand reach through video ads, most especially if it is combined with retargeting ads. You can actually target some set of target audiences based on their demography and continue to show the ads to them until the time that they will proceed and take the desired action that you want.


#5 Engage and re-engage as part of display advertising in digital marketing

You can also re-engage with customers through display ads and re-marketing. That means it is possible to upsell to existing customers and drives non-converting customers to proceed and make an initial purchase. This can ultimately increase the profitability level of your customers.


#6 Varying options

With video ads, there are varieties of options and ad formats that you can choose from to meet your advertising needs. The options and choices can be made based on what you feel will resonate with your target audience.


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#7 Video complements

Video especially can be utilized to complement TV buying strategies and in some cases, video campaigns can extend TV advertising activity by introducing your content to online audiences that otherwise may not have been exposed to your ad.


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