Discussing people , process and technology in CRM


 Discussing people, process and technology


At the end of this lesson, readers should be able to:

·   Know the position of people, process and technology in a CCE.

·   How people, process and technology undergo changes as organisations move from a   from product-centric enterprise to customer centric enterprise.



It has been observed that a good Customer-Centric Enterprise must involve people, processes, technology which must be centered around the customer. It is on this premise that we can discuss the transition from a product-centric to a customer-centric enterprise.

When we talk about processes, we are talking about referring to the activities that involved in the running of the business. It involves all the activities that go on in the Marketing, Sales and Customer service department of any organisation.

The process talks about the specific employees that are involved in the running of the organisation. In a customer-centric organisation, they must be trained to see the customers as part of the stakeholders of the organisation.

The relationship has to do with the way the organisation goes about building and nurturing a relationship with their customers. This must be done in order to build confidence in the customers.

  1. A. Transition: Processes: In a product-centric enterprise, the adverts are targeted at a large number of people. The organizations in product-centric enterprises at times come up with promotional offers in order to attract a large number of people while in CCEs, the advertisement and marketing strategies are personalized and they are on a one-on-one basis.
  1. Sales: In the product-centric enterprise, sales are geered towards making as much sales as possible while in CCEs, sales are more centered on customer needs than product strengths. Employees are not rewarded based on the volume of their sales but on how far they are able to meet customers needs. Also in the new setting, customers feedback has a strong influence in the forecasting process as opposed to the product-centric enterprise.


  1. Service and Support: In the old setting, the customers are forced to come to the branch offices before their issues can be resolved while in CCEs, there is the establishment of a multi channel customer care with the intention of enhancing customer experience. There is also the development of feedback mechanism which are meant to measure how far the organization is able to resolve customer issues.

discussing people


  1. Transition: People


  1. Organisation: In the product-centric enterprise, the entire workface and management are meant to think in terms of produce and production process. They are more with how they can increase their production and marker share in general. On the other hand; in a CCE, the whole organisation workforce arc programmed to think along customer line. Lbs involves how the;’ cm satisfy their customers and operate from their perspective.


  1. Human Resources Management

In a Product-centric enterprise, employees are rewarded based on how far they can increase production in their organization. They are also trained to put in all their best in increasing production but in a customer-centric enterprise, the employees are trained to think along the line of customer satisfaction. The organisation is concerned with turning out executives that are customer focused in nature.

  1. Transition: Technology
  2. Infrastructure: Under infrastructure, when an organisation becomes customer focused, its infrastructures become inadequate. This is due to the fact that customers want to interact with the organisation from multiple channels. Therefore the organisation needs to put machineries in place that will enable the customers to interact with the organisation at their own convenience.
  1. Applications: In a product-centric enterprise, customers information are not integrated into the applications as they were chilled away from the customers. But in a GCE, the various departments in the organisation are provided with customers’ information which allows them to attend to customer issues promptly


In this chapter, we have discovered that:

  • People, process and technology are always involved in the running of any enterprise.
  • In a product-centric enterprise, all attention is focused on the product, how the organization can increase their sales volume as little attention is focused on the customers.
  • In a CCE, the entire workforce and everything involved in the organisation is centered on the customers, Even the policy framework of the entire organisation is centered on customers and customers alone.

Brainstorming Session

  1. Discuss the processes that are involved when a Product-Centric Enterprise is moving to a Customer-Centric Enterprise.
  2. How can an organisation moving from PCI to CCE prepare its workforce for the change that is about to take place.
  3. Do you agree that change management is necessary in a CRM project?

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