Discussing Awareness Functions In Digital Marketing

Discussing Awareness Functions In Digital Marketing


Awareness Functions in Digital Marketing have to do with the creation of relevancy with your target audience. This has to with a set of programs that you are embarking on in order to develop an interest in your products among your target audience.


If we look at it from the angle of a new product that is just launched, awareness functions allow the product to be in the mind of the consumer when he needs to choose products from a certain category.

Awareness functions in digital marketing

You should also note that building awareness is the core of this stage. It also leverages on relevancy and involvement in order to create a unique product and services that will appeal to the target audience.


Also, in identifying market opportunities function, the major focus of the organization is to create products that are unique and identifying opportunities in the market.


This will make it easy for the organization to distinguish itself rather than following what competitors are already doing. in Digital Marketing, the same products can be sold in different ways. You just need to ensure differentiation and that every product is being personalized based on what you have discovered about your target audience.

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Also, creative development will allow this positioning to speak by developing the personality, visual, colours and concepts that will drive the brand.


There is also the use of creative development which comes from creative thinkers and strategists who are able to conceptualize what customers want and come up with campaign materials that will appeal to a target audience.


After you might have created the context and strategy for your Digital marketing, you now need to work on content development. You now need to create a content mix based on the kind of impression that you want to leave in the mind of your audience. This will ensure that your message resonates with your audience.


You need to also adopt one brand, one product,  one message when you are working on the awareness stage. This also needs to be passed to other stages of the buyer’s journey so that there will be consistency in the message.


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Having known that the focus of the awareness stage is to teach as many potential customers with the message as much as possible. As part of your awareness strategy, you need to plan on how the message will reach the right people at the right time in order to elicit the right response.


At this stage also, research is needed in order to identify where your target audience is. You have to make sure that the message is taken to them wherever they are. You also need to consider what works on the platform where your audience is located.


You also need to decide on the frequency of the campaign. The more a particular message is seen, the more it will resonate with your target audience.


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One of the major components of this stage has to do with budgeting. You need to budget for all the activities that you need to perform for the project. This might include advertisement on social media platforms, graphics design as well as other creatives that are needed to drive home the message.


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