How to disable guest account for Windows 7 OS

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Here is how you can disable Guest account for Windows 7 OS…

I know this article may come as a surprise to some of my readers. Disabling Guest Account? NO! You might say. But my candid advice is that you should not have a Guest account on your Windows. In this article, therefore, I will teach you how not to have a Guest account on Windows 7.

Guest Account is one of the backdoors that hackers can use to have access to your information. In a way, it allows the so-called Guest to be able to have access to your device. It is better not to permit access to your device than to have a Guest account.

disable guest accounts

  1. Click the  “Start” and right click on “Computer” and select “Manage”.
  2. When theComputer Management” window opens, go to “Local User and Groups” and choose “Users”
  3. Verify that the “Guest Account is disabled by seeing the disabling icon.
  4. If the Account is not disabled, double-click the Account name to open its “Properties” Window.

In the “Guest account’s properties” window, select the checkbox next to “Account is disabled” and click OK.



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