How Traditional And Digital Marketing Works Together

Typical Example Of How Traditional And Digital Marketing Works Together




I have said much about some of the reasons why traditional marketing can complement digital marketing in an organization. In order to cement some of what I have said together, in this article, I will be looking at a typical example of an individual that was attracted to an organization lifecycle because the organization employs the use of both traditional and digital marketing. 

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Here is how it works:


  • Mary is watching TV when an ad comes on about the hair conditioner she bought, prompting her to Tweet the company after seeing their Twitter handle at the end of the commercial.
  • After seeing this ad and remembering her experience with the product, Mary goes online, on desktop and mobile, Tweets and visits their website to see what’s new.
  • She goes onto the website and there is a banner using the same commercial she just saw on TV, expanding on the message and content and tells her that the founder of the hair product company will be interviewed.
  • Mary tunes in and watches the interview later that day.
  • She also wants to find a store to talk, with a member of staff, about the product and problems she has had.
  • She goes into the store with all the previous information and experience and buys a product. At the cashier’s desk, she notices a poster mentioning the brand’s presence on Facebook and the event and promotion they post there.
  • She takes out her phone and decides to follow them on Facebook and read/watch some of their content.

This quick example shows how digital and traditional marketing work together to bring the buyer through the funnel by taking them by the hand and multiplying the brand experience across media.


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This repetition and resonance makes a company even more relevant as it is present online but also offline, on billboard, posters, TV, magazines, etc. Traditional media, due to its importance, cost, and reach, can compliment digital strategy by bringing legitimacy to products and brands that become part of the familiar scope.



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