Analyzing Success In Digital Marketing Campaigns

Analyzing Success In Digital Marketing Campaigns



By understanding the value of the lead generated, marketing is capable of tracking the impact of each marketing effort.


Using the different performance tools available online, such as Google Analytics, CMS performance analytics, page analytics, form submission, clicks, lead generation, etc., the digital marketing department can pull out information on how many leads were created by channels, and how these lead transformed into the marketing and sales funnels.



Tracking metrics that relate directly to sales and profit facilitate the measurement of the impact of marketing on the overall business. When tracking metrics, you can find out what the ROI of one campaign was on a specific date, how many leads were generated, how many of them were converted into customers, how much they brought in revenue, and does this compare to the original investment made to put this marketing effort together?

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This exercise can be trickier for digital content marketing strategies as the metrics are more distant from actual sales, i.e. shares, likes, comments, etc. The important process is to be able to track the metrics across visitors, how many were converted, the traffic source and the amount of the conversion, in order to be able to attribute this conversion to marketing. CRM and CMS platforms that work together help marketers track this data to report on this data.


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