Clear differences between Processes and Functions


What ITIL Functions are …


Functions can be seen as combination of departments with specialized skills that are coming together in order to achieve a particular goal.


In my previous article, I have talked about ITIL what Processes and functions are.Without wasting much time, I want to talk about the differences between Processes and Functions. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.

Breaking the concept of Functions down….

Functions are logical grouping of organizational units. Functions can be seen as the division of organizational activities along departmental lines. In every organization, each of the department have functions that they perform.

Also, the function that they perform in one way or the other affects the output of the other departments in the organization.

Also, Functions can also be seen as logical groupings that are used to perform a process or activities within a process in any organization.
Some of the examples of functions is that of Service Desk or Application management group in any organization.

Processes are distinct measurable activities with one or more inputs that are structured in order to accomplish a particular objectives. They have an orderly process that are followed one step after the other in order to accomplish pre-determined goals.

In order to identify a Process, they are four things that are involved:
• Trigger
• Activities
• Dependency
• Sequence

The concept of Trigger in Functions
Trigger it is more of a sign, for every process or processes to be activated, you as the I.T Manager must know the Trigger. This will help you to adequately prepare for the activities and bring it up when necessary.

What Activities are…
Apart from the Trigger, you need to know all the activities that need to be performed when the Trigger is been sighted. Apart from that you have to properly documents all the activities that will be performed when such Trigger are noticed.


Documenting it will be a form of baseline for comparing such activities. Without that you might be forced to act based on impulse.


The concept of Dependency in Functions
Another main thing about Processes and function is the issue of Dependency. In any organization, there is absolutely no department that can work in isolation. We will always have one department relying on the other to perform their roles.



We cannot be talking of casting Lintel when the Foundation of the building has not been done.

Taking about Sequence in Functions
There is the need to understand the sequence that all identified activities will follow. Understanding the sequence will help you to prioritize the activities in a way that you can manage your lean resources in order to achieve maximum returns.


The issue of prioritisation also help you to repeat processes in order to improve the knowledge base of the organization.


Action Point

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