Five more ways of developing Human Resource Plan

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This article talks about some of the ways that Human Resource Plan can be developed…

In my previous article, I have discussed some of the ways of developing Human Resource Plan. In this article, I want to talk about five more ways of developing Human Resource Plan. Follow me as we continue with that discussion.


#1 Organisational chart
The next thing is to create an organizational chart to document the reporting relationships among your project team. In developing this organizational chart, you have to make use of available template in order to create this chart.

The organizational chart will help you know who is reporting to who in the organization as well as who you can run to in case your project hit a brick wall.

#2 Project interfaces
The next thing is to analyze the formal and informal interfaces that exists among the organizational units, technical disciplines and individuals working on the project for their possible impact on your organizational planning.

#3 Resource assignment matrix

There is the need for you to create a Resource Assignment Matrix to document the roles and responsibilities for key project stakeholders. In doing this, you have to ensure that the Resource Assignment Matrix is created as early as possible in the project in order to reflect changes in personnel or project focus.
There is the need for you to make sure that each of the element of the project’s scope is accounted for in the Resource Assignment Matrix and provides a key to describe responsibility codes.

human resource plan


#4 Vital documents
As part of your Human resource plan, there is the need for you to create the staffing management plan that contains information on staff acquisition, resource calendars, and staff release plan, training needs, recognition and rewards, compliance as well as safety of all resource working on the project.

#5 Distribution
There is the need for you to distribute the Human Resource Plan to all project team members and other key stakeholders on the project. Distributing the plan will ensure that everybody on the project knows what they supposed to do as far as roles and responsibilities on the project are concerned. It will also allow you to carry all your stakeholder along as well.

Now Staffing management Plan….




A Staffing management plan focuses on what type of staff will work on project , when they will be needed m how they will be recruited as well as the time they will be released from the project.

staffing management plan

In carrying out a staff management plan, you should know that the plan can be formal or informal in nature. It can also be detailed or brief as well. the main thing is that it helps the Project Manager to organise Human resource requirement for the project.

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