How To Develop Project Team For Projects

How To Develop Project Team For Projects



Effective team development results in improved individual and team performance which ultimately increases the team’s ability to achieve project objectives. In this article, I want to talk about some of the ways that you can develop project teams. Follow me as we look at that together in this article.

develop project team

#1 Recognise the current stage

There is a need for you to recognize the project team’s current stage of development and be proactive in helping the team to be as productive as possible.


During the forming stage, conduct activities that will help the team to get to know one another and develop a sense of mutual respect.

These are some of the activities you should perform for the forming stage:


  • A kick-off meeting that include time for introductions.
  • Creation of team handbook documenting the team’s goal, the major tasks required to achieve the goal and any constraints under which the team must operate.
  • Publication of a team directory.
  • Development of a team charter that sets forth guidelines on how team members will behave towards one another, how they will communicate, when they will meet, how they will make decisions, and how they will escalate problems.
  • Selection of team name or emblem.
  • Initial social events to allow the team members to get to know one another on a personal level.

#2 Use Conflict Management

During the storming stage, use conflict management approaches to help the teamwork through problems.


  • Focus on the team ‘ s productivity towards meeting the project goals.
  • If the team is bogged down on certain problems, help create a cross-functional team to work on the problems.
  • Eliminate barriers that may be hindering team performance.
  • Provide opportunities for recognition for the team’s performance from management customers or peers.


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#3 Performing Stage

In the performing stage, you have to provide recognition for team performance but stay out of the way when the team manages its own problems. However, if project progress is sluggish, this is a good stage to challenge the team with more stringent performance goals.


#4 Adjourning Stage

In the adjourning stage, team members complete project work and shift to the next project or assigned work.


  • This stage indicates the transformational phase of achievement through synergy.
  • In this phase ensure that formal closure and completion of the tasks happen. Also, facilitate the smooth transition of the project team members to the next project.
  • Conduct periodic project team and one-on-one meetings to evaluate the team performance and identify the strengths, weaknesses, and requirements of each project team member.


#5 Feedback

When you are working with team members, you have to make sure that the feedback mechanism is put in place so that you can get suggestions from team members. This will allow the Project Manager to know how directives have been implemented. It will also allow them to know the challenges that they are facing as regards to policy implementations.


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#6 Reward System

There is a need for you to put a reward system so as to ensure that employees that contribute to project success are rewarded accordingly. This will serve as motivation to others.


You should also note that it is not appropriate to punish or rebuke team members openly as this would demoralize the team.


#7 Consider Co-location

You have to consider Co-location to enhance the team’s ability to perform as a team and improve communication. When Co-location is not feasible, it becomes especially important to encourage and enhance interaction among team members.


#8 Provide Training

You need to provide appropriate training and coaching to help team members acquire new or enhanced skills, knowledge or behavior.


Typical example…

A city council passed a proposal for a beautification project, including a new public park. The new park design fell to a board comprising citizens and government officials. The Director of Parks and Recreation, Elizabeth Fry, served as the Project Manager.


Elizabeth scheduled a kick-off meeting that included introductions and exchange of information for creating a team directory.


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As the project moved through the execution phase, the team performed well for the most part. One team member owned an. Internet hosting service and made arrangements for the team to use web-collaboration software, making team collaboration much easier.


To reward team members’ efforts, Elizabeth offered small gifts of appreciation, which were donated by local merchants. She also made sure that she recognized the extra effort of her team during city council meetings.


She arranged for local landscape architects and gardeners to offer special training seminars to interested team members, which proved to be extremely motivating. When conflict arises, such as a disagreement o er what to use as sacrificing materials in the playground, she monitored the situations but usually let the teamwork then out for themselves.






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