4 Inputs of Develop Project Management Plan

4 Inputs of Develop Project Management Plan


To Develop Project Management Plan, there are some vital documents that must be at your disposal. One of it is your project charter which you are going to use in planning for the project. 


The Project team uses the project charter as a starting point for initial project planning. The type and amount of information in the project charter varies depending on the complexity of the project and the information known at the time of its creation. At a minimum, the project charter should define the high-level information about the project that will be elaborated on the various components of the project management plan. 

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develop project management plan

#2 Outputs from other processes

Also, outputs from other processes are integrated to create the project management plan. Subsidiary Plans and baselines that are outputs from other planning processes are inputs to this process.


#3 Enterprise Environmental Factors

To develop a project charter, you need the Enterprise Environmental Factors which are internal or external conditions that are likely to affect the options that you have for the project. This will allow the Project Manager to know what is obtainable within the context of what is happening to the project.


#4 Organisational Process Assets

The Organisational Process Assets happens to be whatever an organisation has that can contribute to the success of the project. It may be that the organisation has specific procedures that they follow or they have done a similar project in the past. All of this can contribute to the success of the project.


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