How to Develop a Transition Plan for Projects

Develop a transition plan

How to Develop a Transition Plan for Projects


Planning project transition ensures that the benefits are sustained even after the completion of the project. Here are some of the ways that you can develop a transition plan for a transition plan.



The guidelines…

#1  Define the scope

First and foremost, you have to determine the scope of your project. You must plan what will be included as well as the stàkeholders that you need to carry along in your transition plan.


Develop a transition plan#2  Check the Project schedule

There is a need for you to check the project schedule to verify when the product, service or result is ready for the transition . You have to make sure that you have done all that you need to be done in order to achieve your project schedule.


#3 Identify the stakeholders

As part of measures in developing a transition plan, you have to identify the stakeholders in the receiving organization or functions and request their participation in planning project transitions. The level of ownership for every stakeholder should be mentioned in the transition plan.



#4 Organisational Process Asset

You also need to check if any organizational process assets are used by the receiving organization that will affect the project Transition plan. If they are available, incorporate them into the transition plan.


#5 Measure the benefits

Also, there is a need for you to measure the project benefits. You need to create and release the benefits sustainment plan based on the benefits acquired for the project. You must know what you plan to achieve and what will be done of the indicators that you have actually achieved what you planned for the project.


For example, if I want to monitor conversion on my website, I will look at the number of people that visits my website compared to how.many people actually purchased products and services on the website.


#6 Check the recipient

You also have to check if the recipient company insist on product training during the transition process and include the concern in the transition plan. You must know what the recipients are expecting to see and what you need to do to meet their expectations.


#7 Decide on the time period

There is a need for you to decide on the time period the company can provide support for the product. Also, you need to include details of the warranty period and extended support that will be offered.


#8 Plan the transition

You need to plan the Transition of the project products, results or services with the stakeholders and others who are related to the project.


Typical example…

Fariz is the Project Manager for a new project at Fourth Mouse Consulting. He begins drafting a project management plan and wants to plan a project transition.


He schedules a meeting with the stakeholders and receiving organizations to determine their views and expectations.


She also measures the benefits to be obtained and creates the benefit sustainment plan. She is now all set to create the transition management plan that will ensure a smooth transition of the project benefits.


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