Question to ask when determining communication technology

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Here are the questions to ask when you are determining communication technology….

Communication technology is any type of technology that is used for communications planning including websites, email, instant messaging, phone, and video conferencing.
Some of the communication technologies are instantaneous while some take time as well. Some communication technologies are interactive while some may be one way communication only.

Some of the communication technologies also provide a historical records that keep record of what was communicated to stakeholders. In this article, I want to look at some of the ways that the Project Manager can you to select the best communication technologies for stakeholders. Follow me as we look at this together.

  1. How quickly must the communication reach the audience?
  2. Is there likely to be feedback from that communication? How will it be collected and integrated?
  3. Must there be a record of that communication? What type of record is required?
  4. What technologies are available for transmitting the given communication? Are they appropriate to the value of that communication?
  5. What technologies will the audience need to receive the communication? Is it likely that the receiving technology is in place? How expensive is that communication?
  6. Are there technical difficulties or learning curve issue with communication via the technology?
  7. Are there access issues such as security-protected sites, which could limit the number of audience members who could receive the communication?
  8. What type of archival technology will be used to store the communication? Where will the communication be stored? Are there any compatibility or access issues that must be addressed?
  9. Is the popular mode of technology which includes transmittal, storage likely to be outdated before the project is completed?
  10. What is the relative cost of each of the technology, taking into account the number of communication channels and number of members who must receive the communication?
  11. Consider any relevant global communication that may affect your project; how will they influence your choice of the most appropriate technology?


Its now your turn…
I believe I don’t know it all. Is there any other form of communication technologies that you will like to share with others or you have any question to ask. Feel free to ask now. You can also buttress what I have discussed. Make use of the comment box. Thanks.

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