Steps to follow when designing CRM Data warehouse

Here are the steps to follow when you are designing a CRM Data warehouse…

This article intends to provide you with nine proven practical steps that organisations have to follow when they are trying to build a CRM data warehouse. Follow me as we look at this practical steps together.

Gather requirements
Before you start to build a data warehouse, you need to know the functions that you want your software or whether you want to build to perform. This will serve as a pointer to your requirements. So also, you must thoroughly understand your business and know what needs to capture before you even start building a CRM data warehouse.
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#1 Understanding line of business
One other requirement for your CRM Data warehouse is to understand the line of business. Most at times, the project for building CRM data warehouse might be awarded to a third party organisation. You need to be sure that your contractor has a sound knowledge of CRM project management.

#2 Design schemas
There is the need for you to have a sketch of how the whole application will work. It is just like someone that wants to build a house. Even though you are not submitting your building plan to appropriate authority. You still have to sketch out how the whole building will look like.

#3 Create ETL
Extract, Transfer and Load template means you must design a template that shows how you will extract useful data from your Operational Data Store, load the data into the data mining applications and transfer it to the platform where it will be used for making business decisions.

#4 Build query
There is the need for you to develop a “what if” scenario after you might have extracted all of the query environment is to be sure that the CRM Data warehouse is working as planned before it is been deployed to a production environment.

#5 Implement and test
The last stage of building a CRM Data warehouse is to implement and test what you have developed. You do not just develop the data warehouse and hands off. You have to continue to test the application. You must be sure that it is working according to plan. Necessary adjustments can be made after you might have deployed it.

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