Examining Deliver And Support Value Chain Activity

deliver and support value chain

8 Inputs of Deliver and Support Value Chain Activity


The purpose of the Deliver and Support value chain activity is to ensure that services are delivered and supported according to agreed specifications and stakeholders’ expectations. They are to ensure that whatever contractors or in-house team deliver are in accordance with the desired values that the customers are looking for.

deliver and support value chain

Here are the inputs for the Delivery and Support value chain: 



The Delivery and Support value chain team will have to receive reports about new and changed services from the Design and Transition team. The Transition Team has to educate the Support team so that they will understand the nature of the new service to be introduced to customers. This will allow them to provide support to internal and external that will benefit from that service. It will also ensure that new services deliver value to customers. 



The Deliver and Support Value Chain team also need to look at all contracts and agreement that was signed or performed by external contractors. They have to look at it and confirm that they were in line with the Service Level Agreement signed with those contractors. This will also ensure that the output of those contracts will add value to end-users. 



Another major component that the Delivery and Support value chain needs to deliver is the service components that they have to receive from the Obtain and Build a team. They are the one in charge of creating specifications for the project, It is the duty of the Deliver and Support team to check their components and make sure it is in line with customer requirements and customers definition of value.



As part of the inputs needed to perform their own role in the entire value chain activity, they will need to obtain improvement initiatives documents from Improve team. This will allow them to critically look at the document to see what can be added or removed. They need to check if all those initiatives are in line with consumers’ demand.



Another major input that the Deliver and Support value chain team will need from time to time is the improvement status for all suggested improvement initiatives for the project. This will be submitted by the Improve team.  They need to know how far they have gone with the implementation. This will also guarantee that all deliverables are developed in accordance with the customers’ expectations for the project.



There is a need for the Deliver and Support value chain team to also get a list of user support tasks from the Engage team. The Engage team ahead of this time would have discussed with the end-users and understand the real challenges they are facing. They are the ones that will assist the Support team in identifying exact areas that the users need help for their projects.



Another major aspect of this input is the provision of knowledge and training about new and changed services. The Support team has to be properly trained concerning the necessary changes that have happened to the service over time. they must be trained so that they can answer any question that customers have about the new service. This will ensure that the introduction of the new service does not lead to attrition for the organization. This training has to be provided by Obtain and Build and Design and Transition team.



 As part of the input that Delivery and Support value chain activity need to perform their service, they need to have adequate knowledge about third-party services that are part of the new services. They need to know how to handle some of the components of new and changed services in case customers have one or two questions about the services. 



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