How to define business metrics through web traffics

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Here is how you can define business metrics through web traffics…..



Business metrics can be seen as the process of measuring different aspect of your business based on different parameters in order to assess the growth level of the organisation.


In many of my previous article, I have looked at some of the concepts that can help organizations to analyse web analytics. In this article, I want to look at how you can define business metrics through web analytics at any given time. Follow me as we look at this together.


define business metrics

You can use Referral websites to define business metrics

This is the website that is directing people to your website. They have links that is linking people back to your website. It also include page URL listed in the website, page URL from an external source or URL obtained using keyword from search engines.


Direct searches can help you to define business metrics

In direct searches as a way to define business metrics for websites, users type the URL directly to visit the website without going through search engines. This are your loyal prospects or customers who already know your website like the back of their palm. If they are prospects, they have more tendency of becoming your customers.

Search Engines can help you to define business metrics

When you need to define business metrics for your web efforts, you can also consider search engines referral. This depends on keywords and SEO techniques used to drive the traffic to your website. This is one of the key facts that you pay attention to. They are bound to bring more traffic to your website than any other type of traffic that you can expect on your website.

Offline and Online campaigns too

When you need to define business metrics for web analytics, you can also consider your online and offline campaign efforts as well.  Online and Offline campaigns  are URL dedicated for advertisement. They mostly lead to landing pages which are meant to turn prospects to customers at the end of the day.


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