How to define Business analytics indices for web usage

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This article shows how you can define business analytics indices…



Business Analytics indices has to with the way you analyse your website based on how it has performed in relation to your business objective. In my previous article, I have talks about some of the steps that you need to take in order to know your state as far as web analytics is concerned.


In this article, I want to focus specifically on web usability which has to do with how easy is it for people to use your website. In this article, let’s look at some of the factor that determines the web usability of a website.

Page views as one of the indicators of business analytics indices

In analysing business analytics indices, Page views has to do with the number of times a particular page is viewed within a particular time frame. It helps you to know the number of people that a particular page is been viewed. It also help you to know the level of traffic that your website is enjoying at any given time.

Time spent on websites as part of business analytics indices

One of the other parameter that you have to look at under business analytics indices is the the average time spent by visitors on your website. Average time rate measures the amount of time spent on a website irrespective of what they performed or what they do not performed on your website.


Events as part of business analytics indices

This has to do with the actions performed on a website during a designated time such as making purchases, downloading, filling forms among others. These are always measured during the time of campaigns when you are expecting your prospect to take actions.

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Click map as part of business analytics indices

Under business analytics indices, you have to consider the click map for your website. This has much to do with the percentage of clicks made on a web page that includes clicking on photos, links, videos, downloads among others. You can actually set your analytics to measure the number of people that clicked on a particular link so as to know how prospects are interacting with your website.

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Click paths as part of business analytics indices

This navigate visitors to different pages on a website and also links different pages on a website. This at times direct customers and visitors to a particular path by linking different part of website together through inbound links among others.


In conclusion, there should be a correlation between the business objective and the website been presented. As the Webmaster , you have to make sure that you are carrying the strategic management along in whatever you are doing on the website. I also learned the hard way that there are individuals that you need to carry along before posting as long as it is representing the organisational image. All these can go a long way in helping you to get Buy-In from top management.

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