3 Ways Governance Framework Influences A Project

3 Major Decisions Governance Framework Influences In A Project




Governance framework in any organisation determines how decisions are being made in any organisation. They are the steering committee that will give direction to the organisation. They also formulate policies that will guide the successful implementation of a project. 


3 Major Decisions Governance Framework Influences In A Project



One of the set objectives of any governance framework is that it allows the organisation steering committee to set objectives and goals for the entire organisation. This will allow them to analyse the vision of the organisation and tailor the project to meet the organisation’s objectives. These are done through setting policies and goals direction for the project. 


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Risks are uncertainties that can hinder project success. The Project governance framework needs to assist the Project Manager in managing risks for the project. They have to assist the Project Manager in putting in place mitigating strategies that will allow them to manage project risks successfully.



Another major framework that influences performance in a project is putting in place measures to influence performance in the organisation. At intervals, the steering committee or the Project Management Office needs to look at the methods and processes previously used in managing projects and decide on which of the processes can be improved upon in order to optimize performance.




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