Data Encryption implementation

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Objectives Data encryption implementation



Data encryption can be seen as the process of locking data with a key or password so that whosoever hijack the data in the process of transit will not be able to make any meaning out of it.


In this article, I want to talk about the three main objectives of Data encryption implementation. Follow me as we look at this together in this article. 


Do you want to ask me why you need this protection?


We are in a world where Hackers seems to be having the field day. People are so careless with security which made it very easy for Hackers and malicious people to hijack data that belong to other people.



Besides, we are in an environment where we are connected to a Network of networks. That is why if you are not protecting your device, you can be a victim of malicious attacks. 







One reason why we need Data encryption is for us to be sure of Data integrity,


In using data encryption in any setting, the receiver of the message can check whether the data has been modified or not. Modification of data, in this case, can happen accidentally or intentionally but we want to be sure that it does not happen at all.



In data encryption implementation, the receiver of the message can be sure that the message is coming from the right source.



With data authentication, no other person will be able to send a message to the receiver apart from the authorized source.


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Furthermore, when we talk of non-repudiation under data encryption implementation, it means the sender of the data will not be able to deny the fact that he was the one that sent the data.


Once it is coming from your source, you have no right to deny it. 


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