What you should know about Data Backup in IT Security

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Here are some of the facts you should know about data backup



Data Backup is one concept that many of us will want to avoid like a plague. I don’t know about you.

I have lost data in the past and it was so painful. It is possible that someone reading this post has just lost another info. It happens to us all.

That is why we need to stop procrastinating and back up our data now. 

data backup

Data Backup is the process of making duplicate copies of critical data on backup media such as CD or DVD, USB or pen drive, external hard disk or online platforms such as Google Drive or other means.

Backing up our data is a good practice that we should embrace. I have met many students that lost their final year projects to viruses.

This can be prevented by saving every edited chapter of your work in your email. If you have not done that it is not too late to do that now.


Reason for backup

There is a reason why you need to backup your data. If you are the type that constantly back up your data, you will be able to restore critical data anytime there is a loss of your data.

This can happen when you accidentally delete data or you have a virus attack. It helps you to come to your real self after you have suffered a catastrophic loss. 

backing up your critical data is very easy and cost-effective. There is still a substantial amount of your data that you can save at little or no cost. If you are using Google Drive.

For example, you can save up to 15gig in your email/Google Drive without any additional charges. Besides, there is no amount that you can spend on data protection or backup that is too much.

If you compare what you will have to spend if you have failed to back up your data.    Data Backup should be your top priority when you are thinking about system maintenance and administration.

Added to that is the protection of your device from virus attack. Performing this two tasks will guarantee that your system is secured against any external attack.


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