What You Should Know About Cybersecurity

What Cybersecurity is All About


Cybersecurity is the ability to protect or defend computers, data, infrastructure and application integrity, confidentiality and availability against the different cyber attacks.

As our world has become increasingly digitized and interconnected, the opportunities for attackers to harm our organizations and our way of life increases.
These days, attackers are organized and well-funded. As cybersecurity threats evolve, we must adapt the way to fight them.
Watch this video that explains how attackers operate, how they can be stopped, and how security enables organizations to take advantage of the cloud, mobile, and social technologies.

Most people believe attacks originate outside of an organization’s IT perimeter. The truth is, most security threats are not initiated as external attacks but as internal ones.

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This does not mean that these attacks are carried out by disgruntled or malicious employees; rather, these are external attackers who manage to get access to IT assets inside of your organization’s perimeter by means of social engineerings, such as phishing emails.

The following figure shows the Top security threats according to an IBM survey.



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